Romantic and sensual couple beautiful bride and groom dancing and kissing closeup

Romantic and sensual couple beautiful bride and groom dancing and kissing closeup

As many weddings as I get to perform for my clients, I can never understand why most people do not understand basic etiquette and respect for the bride and groom on their wedding day. So if I may, I would like to point out a few hints that will help you become an incredible guest to your hosts.

Starting with the Ceremony….

1. Much time, energy and planning go into having an incredible ceremony that will create memories for the bride and groom. It should be as much of an event for you, as it is your hosts. So….please, please, please “SHOW UP ON TIME”.

2. At every ceremony there are words that the bride and groom would like to share with you. Whether it’s the officiant, or someone doing a reading or most specifically the “Vows”. Most times, your bride and groom have taken much time to write special words that they want you to hear….so…please “shut off your phones” and please “Be Quiet”
If being quiet is impossible for you…at least try whispering. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait about 20 minutes(the time the ceremony usually lasts).

3. Your bride & groom have spent a lot of money to have a professional photographer take pictures that will last the rest of their lives…so your iPhone picture will never, ever, be as amazing as the photographers. Please stay out of the isles during the processional so the photographer can do his job. Yes, we want you to take pictures…just do it from your seat.

At the reception…..

1. The Bride and groom have invited you to share their amazing day…… please actively listen to the speeches, toasts and participate in the cake cutting, garter and bouquet etc. The open bar will be there when you get back.

2. Ok…remember your bride and groom have started their day really early. They usually are -on the go- from sun up to sun down. Within that time, they have had very little time, if any, to eat and drink anything. So, when it is time for dinner….”LET THEM EAT”. At almost every wedding, the bride and groom will greet the tables and then you will have a chance to speak with them.

3. And finally, just because your bride and groom have been kind enough to host the bar, that does not mean you should drink…….till you’re drunk, or ……….wasted! Drink in moderation and enjoy yourselves.
P.S. Most venues do not let you bring in your own bottles of alcohol. Leave it in the car.

Just saying…….

Have a great time, be there for your family and friends and make it a day your bride and groom will remember forever.