place for wedding ceremony in yard

place for wedding ceremony in yard

Most people think that being a DJ is all about fun and having a good time…..NOT!!!    Don’t get me “IS” about having fun and a good time at the event, but plenty of hard work goes into being a successful DJ/Entertainer. I’ve always taken pride on using the best equipment and providing the best services for my clients.

Here are a few things that I do to make sure I provide top of the line service.

1. Stay up to date on all music from pop, country, hip hop, dance, latin and music from other countries. Putting together the right playlists for my clients is very important. I really want to play music that people will have a good time to. This includes listening to every genre of music on “Sirius” satellite and watching movies and TV to hear the latest music soundtracks.

2. Make sure my equipment is working properly and the latest in technology. An example would be my battery operated wireless wi-fi up lights. You will no longer see cables strewn across the room creating an eyesore. These lights have the capacity to create most amazing bright colors of the rainbow including, amber and white. Or, my new photo booth. My client Andrea said that her photo booth pictures were amazing. Don’t forget our new QSC K12 speakers. They are the best in the business.

3. Most importantly, I take care of myself. That includes eating right and exercising 3-5 times a week. I feel that my physical presentation must exceed  my music knowledge and amazing equipment.

Ask any of my past clients, the formula I have put together makes Sound Garden Productions one of the top DJ companies in Southern California.

As Always, Happy Planning and Let’s do this!!